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Material Handling Stackers
DC motor powered Material Handling Stackers are acknowledged for their large load bearing capacity. These stackers are equipped with C steel made frame, built in lead acid battery, ergonomic Curtis handle assembly, iron made supporting leg and thick foot platform for its structural stability.
Material Handling Trolleys
Buy material handling trolleys from Future Industries, an engineering company with an experience of a decade. The trolleys are shipped to customers without any fee. These trolleys also come with a warranty of 1 year.
Pallet Trucks
Our range of Pallet Trucks is suitable for relocating pallets in warehouses, dockyards and in logistic units. These material handling systems are equipped with precise handle with easy to grip facility, adjustable push rod and high strength fork that can be operated under harsh working conditions.
Material Handling Equipments
Future Industries is a name to trust upon for buying material handling equipments. Manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, warehouses, services, railways and other industries use these equipment for smoothly and safely handle loads.
Scissor Lift Tables
Electric motor controlled scissor lift tables are used as suitable lifting platforms. These are equipped with aluminum made safety bar, relief valve to avoid material overload and compact shaped cylinder with check valve facility to prevent lowering of their lifting table during hose burst condition.
Drum Handling Equipments
Offered in different working capacity based options, our range of Drum Handling Equipments act as the reliable medium to lift and shift heavy drums from any position. Made of stainless steel, these equipments are compatible with forklift hook or overhead hoist.
Platform Truck
Driven by castor wheel, our range of Platform Truck is used as manually controlled goods transportation solution in warehouses and in various production units. Heavy duty design, trouble free goods unloading facility, ergonomic structure and long working life are the main characteristics of this material handling system.
Car Lift and Elevator
Known for their portability, wide platforms, operator convenience and heavy duty vehicle lifting capacities, Car lifts from Future Industries are widely in demand today. The hydraulic car lifts are easier to operate and maintain.
Aerial Work Platforms
Utilization of Aerial Work Platforms can be noticed in warehouses, construction sites and mining fields. Application specific design, required safety attributes, utilization of cutting edge hydraulic technology and trouble free set up facility are the main factors of these aerial platforms.
Order Picker
AC motor powered Order Picker is used as reliable material lifting and transportation system in warehouses. Notable for its space saving look, this equipment is reckoned for its smooth movement, low cost operation, high lifting capacity and application specific design.
Dock Levellers and Dock Ramp
Equipped with telescopic lift, Dock Levellers and Dock Ramp ensure fast loading and unloading of heavy goods. Advanced suspended and embedded installation technology is used for their installation. High structural strength, skid proof steel plate, durable bridge and hydraulic cylinder are the main attributes of these systems.
Storage Racking System
This ergonomically designed Storage Racking System is widely used in warehouses for stacking and placing of bulk goods. Offered in different specifications, this storage solution promotes hassle free stacking of goods within limited space. This system is easy to install and maintain.
Goods Lifts
Our assortment of Goods Lift system is perfect for indoor and outdoor application purpose. This lifting system is used for trouble free loading and unloading of heavy materials from different platforms by using hydraulic lifting mechanism. Safe to handle, this lift has long working life.
Gantry Crane
Gantry cranes are utilized for lifting the very heavy objects. They are applicable for shipbuilding and are included with the straddles that enable the completion of large-scale elevation jobs. These are made to lift as well as hold the commodities in the right place. The cranes are simple to relocate and make use of. 
Material Handling Cranes
When an industry deals with bulk and heavy materials, it often needs our Material Handling Cranes for varying lifting, lowering, loading, and unloading applications. These cranes are easier to install as well as use.

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